Questions about measurements

How do I get measured?

Make sure to have a measurement tape and a helping hand from a friend. If you haven't got a measurement tape, we recommend you to order fabric samples and you will receive one for free. You can easily follow our tutorials and measurement instructions here.
You can also book an appointment at any of our partner tailors here. They will help you with the measurements process free of charge.

Questions about the products

Unfortunately we are not able to cater any special design options for consumers. If you are a corporate business and would like to place a larger order with special request - please contact us at customerservice@suitopia.com

Our customer service loves to help with garment selection. Just e-mail your question to customerservice@suitopia.com if you need any advice.
We only use high quality fabrics when tailoring your garment. If you would like to feel the difference between them, you can order fabric samples here. The samples are paid upon order but the cost will be refunded once you place an order of a made to measure garment, within 10 days after the samples have arrived.

If there are several suits that need to have exactly the same color and will be used for the same occasion (e.g grooms and wedding wear for bestmen) it is important that you order all suits in the same order. This ensures that all suits will be tailored from the same fabric roll. This will guarantee the exact same color on the suits as every fabric roll is uniquely dyed.
You can also send a message to our customer service customerservice@suitopia.com and inform us that there are several orders that are connected.
If you are a person who will wear down your trousers faster than your jacket it is a good suggestion to order an extra pair right away for the same reason.

Questions about my order

No, you can’t make any changes to your design after order placement.
After your payment has been processed the order is sent directly to production. No alterations can therefore be done. Read more about our purchasing conditions here.

No, you can’t cancel your order.
After your payment has been processed the order is sent directly to production. Since your order is tailor-made and custom made according to your body measurements it will have the perfect fit for you, but not for anyone else. Read more about our purchasing conditions here.

Your garment is custom fit and custom made, tailored to fit your specific body shape. Therefore the garment will fit you perfectly, but not anyone else, which means it has no resale value. Refunds are therefore not possible, which is the standard practise within made to measure.

As soon as your payment is approved, your order will be sent to production. It is therefore not possible to alter or cancel your order once your order has been placed. See our purchasing conditions for further details.

Production time of your garment is 2-3 weeks after your payment and then another 1-2 weeks for shipping. It will take approximately 3-5 weeks in total from ordering until you will receive your custom fit garment.
If you have ordered fabric samples, these will be sent to you by post within 1 week after your payment and expect another 1 week for shipping within Europe and up to 10 days for shipping to the US.
Your order will ship with major couriers such as DHL, FedEx or UPS. Please note that Suitopia can not be held responsible for any delays connected to shipping.

If you have ordered a made to measure garment according your own measurements we can unfortunately not change a started order since each garment is unique and made to fit only you. For standardized products there is a return period of 10 days.

Questions about payment

A credit card payment can be declined by our payment providers or by your bank for a number of reasons. The most common reasons are:
  • The card number, expiry date or CVC code is entered incorrectly
  • Insufficient balance on the card
If your payment is declined, please try again and double check that you enter all information correctly. If the payment is still declined, contact your bank with your transaction ID and ask why the payment is being declined. If you have problems finding your transaction ID, please contact customerservice@suitopia.com and we will provide it for you.

This will be done within a couple of days after you have paid for your order. The full amount you paid for your fabric samples will be reimbursed through the payment method you used when ordering your samples.

Questions about shipping and delivery

Your garment is packed in a tight box to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. This means we do not include a hanger. We are folding your garment as neatly as possible to keep the garment as wrinkle free as possible.

Yes, you can track your order.
  1. Log in to your Suitopia account.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Go to your Order history.
  4. Find your order number. Here you can see the status of your order
    1. While your suit is being made, the status will show “In production”.
    2. When your suit has been sent there are two options, depending on where you are living:
      European residents
      When your order is sent the status is set to “In transit” and under your order history on the web site you will find a tracking number that you can use on www.dhl.com to see your order’s journey to our central warehouse in Sweden.
      After the order has reached our central warehouse in Sweden it will be given a new tracking number until your order has reached you and your destination. This tracking number is sent to you in a mail or text.
      US orders and orders outside Europe
      When your order is sent the status is set to “In transit” and under your order history on the website you will find a tracking number that you can use on www.dhl.com until your order has reached you and your destination. The tracking number is also sent to you through mail.

Our tailor-made suits and custom fit shirts are produced by different tailors. Sometimes your shirt is ready a week before your suit or the other way around. Each product is shipped as soon as it is ready and the orders can sometimes arrive in two separate parcels.

Packaging and shipment is made to minimize wrinkles on your garment. It can still happen that your garment has some wrinkles from shipping. We recommend that you hang your garment as soon as possible. To get rid of the wrinkles you can use a steamer, steam function on your iron or hang the garment in the bathroom after you have a warm shower.

About Suitopia

Our tailor facilities are producing suits for some of Europe's most well known brands. Asia has some of the most ambitious producers and the best supply of high quality fabrics to attractive prices, which means we can offer quality garments towards you without breaking your bank. We are vetting suppliers carefully according to our ethical guidelines and our supplier is one of the few Asian suppliers that signed the Fashion Pact and are working towards three main goals in order to transform the fashion industry; mitigating climate change, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans.
See more about how your suit is being made in our production facility.

No, we don’t have a store to visit, but we can happily help you with any questions at customerservice@suitopia.com - we can even jump on a video call if you prefer that.
If you would like to browse through our suit and tuxedo fabrics in reality (and not only behind a screen) it is possible to either visit one of our partners or order fabric samples to your doorstep here.

We are constantly improving and testing our website to make sure it works optimally, but if something slips through our tests we would really like to know about it. If something is unclear or does not work on our website we will be very grateful if you e-mail us and tell us about it at customerservice@suitopia.com.
If you find a bug on our site, we would in addition be very happy if you could provide us with what operating system and version, internet browser and version and resolution you are using so we can correct the problem as soon as possible.